Convert Word documents to other formats without using Storage (RUBY REST)

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This example allows you to convert MS Word documents to other formats without uploading documents to any storage using Saaspose.Words REST API in your RUBY applications.
We're referring to the following common methods to perform general operations:

require_relative 'saaspose_common'

appSID = '77****************'
appKey = '89***************',appKey)

filePath = 'C:/Sample.doc' 
fileName = File.basename(filePath)

#build URI to convert to PDF 
strURI = '' 

#sign URI 
signedURI = Common::Utils.sign(strURI)
responseStream = RestClient.put(signedURI,, 'rb'),{:accept=>"application/xml"})
Common::Utils.saveFile(responseStream, fileName + '.pdf')
p fileName
rescue Exception=>e
print e
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