How to Convert Presentation file to Other File Formats (PHP SDK)

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This example allows you to convert a Presentation to different other formats using Saaspose SDK API in PHP. You need the following steps to setup the project at your end:
  1. Download attached sample project and unzip on your computer in web server root folder.
  2. Open web browser and browse following URL

  http ://<webserver>/ConvertDocumentUsingSDK/index.php

Sample Details

  • Enter App SID and App Key
  • Browse input file from your computer
  • Select output file format
  • Upload file from client browser to web server
  • Specify base product URI. This URI depends upon the version of the API you want to use in your application
  • Create an object of Folder class
  • Call UploadFile method of Folder class to upload file from web server to Sasspose Server
  • Create an object of SlideConverter class
  • Call Convert method of SlideConverter class to convert presentation to selected output format
  • Save the output file to disk
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