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Daniel Heuman, Intelligent Editing Ltd.

We saved a lot of time, money and hassle by opting for Aspose.Words for .NET.

Our initial plan was to access and amend documents using the OpenXML SDK (which is free). However, when we calculated the time saved by using Aspose.Words, it worked out to much cheaper (and a lot simpler) to use Aspose. In addition, the support has been excellent. The team at Aspose provide free support even before purchase. So we also saved a lot of time and a lot of money on the learning process. We couldn't recommend it more.

Mark Chen,, USA

We process a lot of electronic documents for our transcription and translation customers. We rely on Aspose.Pdf and Aspose.Words to create documents in near real-time. It was really easy to implement and get going.

Izak Joubert, Chief Architect, OnDemand Data Services

Exactly what the doctor ordered!

We purchased the Aspose.Words product a few weeks ago. What a pleasant surprise to find a product that actually does exactly what the marketing material claims and implements as easy as advertised. Our development team had the product installed, implemented and integrated into a customer solution within 2 hours. We would have spent days trying to drum up our own solution and probably weeks to debug and test it.

Our experience with Aspose.Words made choosing a vendor for our other component needs a no-brainer. After evaluating and testing the Aspose.Pdf and Aspose.ASPXpand products, we recently also purchased both products. As expected, we got the same quality product, easy implementation and support.

We are sold on Aspose products and as a result, we have started replacing a number of our in-house developed components with Aspose products. The Aspose products are well designed and backed by solid support, which frees up a lot of our own developer time to focus on our own products. More importantly, the Aspose products deliver pinpoint functionality to solve specific problems without burdening us with any unwanted functionality. Great work guys. Keep on creating the same quality products, and we'll keep on buying.

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Joshua Coad, Analytical Services, Inc

Aspose has provided our company with a terrific way to generate Word documents in an efficient and timely manner.

Our development team was having trouble creating Word documents in a reasonable time frame using Office automation. We came across Aspose.Words and decided to give it a try. What we found was a product that not only decreased our development time but also increased the usability of the applications we develop. The Word files generated by our application are not only created faster, they are more like what our customer's want. We owe this all to Aspose and the Aspose.Words component.

We are so impressed with Aspose.Words that we are in the process of purchasing Aspose.Total to use with all of our applications that involve automating Office applications. Aspose's line of components are a must-have for any company wanting to produce top-quality Office documents on-the-fly!

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Carol, South Africa

We are a specialist internet development company on the east coast of South Africa determined to be leaders in our IT community. Among other things we build intranets and related intranet applications that work very cost effectively for our clients. Usability is also important to us. We recently came across Aspose when looking for a Word conversion solution. This is what our Technical lead on the project had to say in motivating for the purchase:

"To meet our client requirement for converting uploaded Word documents to HTML format, I tested a lot of trial versions of applications, DLLs, and other 3rd party component tools, and without a doubt Aspose.Words gave the resultant HTML that closest matched the Word document that I tested with, although some of the other tools worked, the HTML output they gave always had minor, and sometimes major layout and structure differences. I would suggest that any development that we do in future regarding dealing with Word documents in any way, we should first consider Aspose.Words, as it also has extensive functionality, such as programmatically building Word documents, and other powerful features.

I will be suggesting (after learning more about your rich functionality) that any Office integration requirements we need to implement are preceded by R&D into all the Aspose products... Well done to your team.

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Kim Turch, Medialogic

I have used Aspose.Words in my company’s applications used in several municipalities.

The advantages for the developer is it’s ease of use and providing flexible reporting facilities for our web applications. Especially when combining Aspose.Words with Aspose.Pdf, I can easily mail merge letters in Word format and generate a PDF copy for archiving purpose in one workflow with just two more lines of code. Besides being able to convert a Word document to a PDF document, it’s also able to convert a HTML page into PDF. In that way it’s much easier to design the output in some cases.

For the end user the advantage is using the native Word format and Word templates even in an open source environment e.g. Open Office used in some sectors of the Danish public sectors. The end user can easily design, change and upload document templates and get the exact output in Word or PDF format.

Having used other components, I’m especially happy with Aspose.Words lack of redundant and overhead code in my applications. The result is really smooth and efficient code. I'm pleased to give Aspose.Words and Aspose.Pdf my best recommendations.

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Michael van Gils, Vermaase Insurance Automation, The Netherlands

Thank you very much for a great service. Quickly you were able to enlighten us on some aspects not completely clear to us with regard to the different type of licenses you carry. Most of all the speed surprised us, you guys probably don't sleep or something! Our developer was greatly surprised by the ease with which he could use the component to make tailor made documents. Also the possibility to only pick the components you really need is also a good feature. If we like Aspose.Words and Aspose.Pdf for .NET as much as we anticipate, we will probably be back for additional components.

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Craig Lussier, Torys LLP, Toronto, Canada

Thanks for all your help! I have successfully used your component to extract meta data type information from tables within documents, along with full text, an HTML conversion and more to create an XML file for a database import. I stress tested my code against 10,000 word documents... which was approx. 600MB in size, pointed my app to it and it worked like a charm. Your component is fantastic.

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Don Archer,

We’re loving our Aspose.Words. The performance is great and it’s rock-solid. 


I dropped in the new component and recompiled our parsing application with no problems. We just parsed a bunch of RTF docs into our system and it seems it’s working wonderfully. Next, we’ll contact our customer and run it through some more rigorous imports, but it looks like it’s going to work like magic!

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Shail Kumar

We recently started testing Aspose.Words and have been quite satisfied. This product is a must for every .NET project involving Microsoft Word etc. One of our main requirements was dynamic image insertion into the document header and footer based on parameters, which comes standard as compared to the competitors.

An additional feature I would like to see is the extension of the TOC, in which the fields are auto populated based on a specific header style or font type. Aspose is definitely our component of choice for present and future solutions. Wish I knew about this earlier...

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Grant Barrington, Technical Director, Ellington

Aspose.Words, Aspose.Pdf: These 2 libraries combined make up an AWESOME PDF generator. The ability to have one of our clients create their own report in Word using mail merge fields, and for us to deploy just a .doc file to a server is FANTASTIC.

It took a little while for us to get this working under a partial trust environment. A couple of issues were logged with ASPOSE to rectify some things, but it all worked out in the end. This library is now working extremely well. Getting it working fast (less than 0.5 seconds per document) with Unicode characters and using all fonts (not just the default PDF fonts of Times and Courier) was an interesting exercise.

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