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Stéphane Figueiredo, Archibald International, France

I would like to share our experience in using Aspose components.

We are a small French company, making software for other companies, especially Lawyers offices.

Our clients work with files, save them or convert them. Therefore, they need tools that can help them avoiding losing time and allow them to make their support easily readable and furthermore protect their confidential documents.

As a matter a fact, Aspose components (we use the .NET version) was a first choice (so many developers had told us it was by far the best choice), and, honestly, it is so easy to work with! I could not say how much time we saved thanks to Aspose...

And writing about this component is a point, but we also need to talk about the Aspose team. When purchasing Aspose components, you also get relevant advice and reliable assistance from Aspose company supports team.

As most of the people, we first used the evaluation version to get an idea of how useful those components could be. Now, having used them once, we would buy them directly.

To sum it up: if you encounter a problem, you simply get connected, have a chat and get rid of it.

Michael Sevast, Ipsos, USA

We have used the Apose.Total for .NET components, for several years now. These tools greatly simplify our ability to interact with and export to known Microsoft formats. The speed of these components saves us considerable time over custom in-house solutions.

The APIs are straightforward, with easy to understand examples, allowing us to enhance our products. The few times where we have needed to reach out for technical support, the response times have been quick and the resolutions addressed our specific needs.

I read the monthly newsletters frequently, looking for new ideas and the latest news on your product development. Keep up the great work!

Joel Heinrich, M-Files, Finland

There are a lot of reasons for why I was looking at Aspose, not just Quality Management, but the basic requirement that we had, and that Aspose ended up solving was for a simple conversion of documents, mostly Word to PDF. In addition to that we needed to do some extra things with the PDF documents: first of all, we wanted to include electronic signatures in the system.

Watch the video testimonial where Joel explains why M-Files are using Aspose.Total for .NET.

Joel Heinrich, M-Files, talks about Aspose.Total for .NET (3:10 min)

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