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Randy Kemp, USA

I work as a software engineer for Motorola in Libertyville, Illinois, USA. Last year, we had a need from our user community to create PowerPoint slides from dynamic data stored in an SQL Server database, within an ASP.NET framework. We conducted an extensive search among our preferred vendors, other software vendors, Microsoft, and our internal development teams in the US, India, and China. Our internal teams could only supply solutions using COM components and PowerPoint macros, which Microsoft doesn't endorse or support. The only software vendor having a commercial solution was Aspose. We purchased the unlimited license, and now have a solution in user acceptance testing. Our user community is happy with the product so far, and the key product developer Alex has been extremely helpful in helping us develop our application. I came from the J2EE and Oracle environment, so I was getting up to speed on SQL Server, ASP.NET, C#, and VB. But now that I have a good foundation for both environments, I am happy with the excellent performance of Aspose.Cells, and the company reminds me of the successful JBoss J2EE offerings at Perhaps if Aspose is entering the Java marketplace, maybe a partnership with JBoss might be mutually beneficial, as JBoss already has partnerships with MySQL, etc.

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Sean Mahoney, AndPlus Design, USA

I have been a programmer for years, and I've developed many programs in my time. I've worked with my share of components that have had the worst support you can ever imagine. ASPOSE HAD THE BEST. I was extremely happy with the response time when I posted a question, Alexey was the best when I had fundamental questions, and I'm very happy that he was so helpful through my difficult process of development. Bottom line is that this component works great and is extremely efficient. I'm happy with every aspect of Aspose and suggest it to anyone else who is looking to develop custom applications that work with any part of Microsoft Office.

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Alex B., USA

I needed a non-COM based, fully managed component for manipulating and eventually converting PowerPoint documents into HTML. I searched long and hard to no avail, finally stumbling across Aspose. They fit the bill precisely - I was able to mix a little coding with Aspose's powerful image exporting capabilities to facilitate an HTML conversion. What's more, Aspose is a fully managed solution - important for installation but even more important security wise and for scalability.

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William Ang, InetSoft, USA

I work as a programmer analyst for Inetsoft Technology Corporation in Piscataway, NJ USA. One of our clients has a PowerPoint export requirement in his reporting needs and after researching on the web for a suitable 3rd party Java PowerPoint component, I discovered that most of the 3rd party solutions only provides the ability to export the existing PowerPoint presentation to other formats and does not provide the ability to modify and save the presentation back as .ppt format. As the customer requires the ability to create PowerPoint slides from the generated report which pulls in dynamic data stored in a relational database server and due to time constraints, I needed something that I can plug and code immediately. The Aspose PowerPoint component is a godsend when I finally stumbled onto it. The only software vendor having a commercial solution that I can use was Aspose. I am happy with the excellent performance of Aspose.Slides and the ease of integrating it into our reporting tool to provide a one-off customized application for this particular client.

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Ed James, MEC, United Kingdom

Aspose has been a godsend! I spent 2 months trying to find a viable solution for processing and creating PowerPoint documents without using a desktop application. When I finally found Aspose, my problems were solved and I could get on with the development of my project. Aspose.Slides works as smoothly as you could hope for any 3rd party tool, and the performance and stability are also excellent. The functionality on offer is excellent too - anything you can do in PowerPoint you can automate with Aspose.Slides! The technical service Aspose offer is second to none! I have never had to wait more than 24 hours for a response, but usually receive a response within the hour. Outstanding, and very reassuring too! Nothing short of first class!!

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Ranulf Doswell, I-solutions Global, United Kingdom

I agree. The PPT library by Aspose is very useful and works well. There are a few areas which could be improved as not every aspect of PowerPoint files are fully supported, but the Aspose team are very responsive to bug reports and generally can diagnose the problem and turn round fixes in less than a week - a timeframe which is far more aggressive than most of our other component suppliers!

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Merill Fernando, Assette, Sri Lanka

I work for a financial company based in Boston. We originally used .NET Interop to create PowerPoint presentations and had a fairly substantial code base to support the functionality that we required. Although we were able to meet the product features requested by our clients the performance was terrible when using the PowerPoint Object Model (PPOM). This was even after we had off-loaded the presentation generation to the client's local workstation. We had originally evaluated Aspose.Slides (then known as Aspose.PowerPoint) but it didn't provide the same level of access as PPOM. 10 months later we were re-evaluating various options to speed up performance when one of our new developers stumbled upon Aspose again (and boy are we happy he did). We found that Aspose.Slides provided us with significant performance improvements. It was lighting fast! We stopped all new development and within just one week migrated 10 months worth of code over from PPOM to Aspose.Slides. Presentations that were taking us over 45 minutes to generate using PPOM now take < 2 minutes. Aspose was our savior and allowed us to stay in business! Way to go guys!

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