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Mark Chen,, USA

We process a lot of electronic documents for our transcription and translation customers. We rely on Aspose.Pdf and Aspose.Words to create documents in near real-time. It was really easy to implement and get going.

Alexandre Nossov, Mirasoft, Ukraine

We needed to convert DOC and XLS files to PDF. In Aspose we found more than expected. It was so easy! We expect in future we shall order also some other components. We were really impressed how fast we could find a solution which to makes our customer happy.

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Allen Vega, Miami Dade College, USA

Aspose.Pdf has worked great for us. There's great support and documentation. We would definitely recommend this component over any other: it offers excellent functionality and we have been able to obtain great results. We are very happy and pleased with the product.

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Thomas Massmann, IT4P, Germany

We use Aspose.Pdf together with Aspose.Words to create documents on the fly based on database entries. Fast, stable, simple to use. Enormous value added to our project. What else can we say? Definitely a product worth our recommendation.

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Howard Rybko, Syncrony Pty Ltd, South Africa

We have tried many PDF components before finding Aspose.Pdf. Save yourself time and effort - get Aspose Pdf.Aspose delivers the best:

  • Support!!
  • Documentation
  • Flexibility
  • Licensing

We are delighted with this product.

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Michael van Gils, Vermaase Insurance Automation, Netherlands

Thank you very much for a great service. Quickly you were able to enlighten us on some aspects not completely clear to us with regard to the different type of licenses you carry. Most of all the speed surprised us, you guys probably don't sleep or something! Our developer was greatly surprised by the ease with which he could use the component to make tailor made documents. Also the possibility to only pick the components you really need is also a good feature. If we will like .NET Aspose.Words and Aspose.Pdf as much as we anticipate we will probably be back for additional components.

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Subeesh, India

Before using Aspose Pdf we tried around eight pdf creators, but all of them had some kind of functionalities missing. Now Aspose.Pdf is working great for us.

You have good documentation

The factor that forced me to buy your product is your support.When I first used Aspose.Pdf , it didn't have a couple of the functionalities I was looking for. I posted a message in the forum and the response was quick and I got the improved DLL the next day. I have posted around ten messages so far and my issues were solved quickly. When I asked some doubts through the messenger, you were kind enough to send me example codes and links. You did add some new properties to the Aspose.Pdf for me.

I strongly recommend this product because it have all the functionalities you are looking for, if not, Aspose will add it for you.

Thank you for all your wonderful support. Keep the good work going.

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Grant Barrington, Technical Director, Ellington

Aspose.Words, Aspose.Pdf: These 2 libraries combined make up an AWESOME PDF generator. The ability to have one of our clients create their own report in Word using mail merge fields, and for us to deploy just a .doc file to a server is FANTASTIC.

It took a little while for us to get this working under a partial trust environment. A couple of issues were logged with Aspose to rectify some things, but it all worked out in the end. This library is now working extremely well. Getting it working fast (less than 0.5 seconds per document) with Unicode characters and using all fonts (not just the default PDF fonts of Times and Courier) was an interesting exercise.

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