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Ingo Bleile, axnovia, Germany

When looking for Microsoft Excel alternatives to programmatically create and modify Excel spreadsheets in a web application on a server, we quickly found the two leading commercial products on the market. Within five minutes - including installation and embedding into our ASP.NET project - we could open an Excel template file, insert test data and pictures, and save it to Excel with either product. After trying to save the result as PDF, we found that this to us crucial task was only possible with Aspose.Cells.

Although more expensive than the other product, we didn't want to look for and embed additional tools just for PDF conversion, so we decided to buy Aspose.Cells.

After further experience creating Excel spreadsheets, we are sure we've made the right decision. We haven't used many features yet, but when searching for cells with certain values, replacing them with database data, formatting cells and saving the workbook as PDF, we've had no problems and have been able to find the answer to any question.

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Paul Katz, Intersoft, USA

As a software services company, we understand how important customer service is when working with clients. I'm happy to see Aspose shares this value with us. Aspose.Cells is an Excellent component, has a significant speed advantage over VBA, and if a feature you need doesn't exist yet, you can talk directly to the developers and request it.

I also think an understated benefit of Aspose.Cells is the ability to read and parse data out of Excel files. Having someone be able to upload an Excel expense report, and have all the data put in a database is a major benefit. The bottom line is organizational knowledge is most often captured in Office documents, not online databases. The ability to pull that information out is huge. "Read" is almost as big a benefit as "Write".

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Kelly Baber, omega, USA

I was building a program for a major oil company and needed a solution that would enable us to instantiate custom programmed Excel file from a web ap. I hunted for a tool that would enable me to do this with no server side installations and also allow the outside Excel programmers to build custom macros and utilities. After looking around we found Aspose. We were very impressed with the component as a whole and even more impressed with the customer service useability and simplicity of the program. I rolled out a complete solution with less than 1 days work!!!!! Wow... I was planning on spending a week on this problem. Great product!!!

Next we will be looking at their other products as this one was a winner all the way!

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Alexandre Nossov, Mirasoft, Ukraine

We first needed only transformation from Excel to PDF. Only Aspose components were so easy to integrate in .NET application, be it NET Framework 1.0 or 1.1.

Even marketing persons can help you to find answer also on technical question during 20 minutes.

As we have bought these components, it was impressive to see how fast you can start with them.

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Greg Eddins, SEE-Comm, USA

We had a need in our application to export information to Excel. We looked at both Softartisans and Aspose. After review, we found that the Aspose.Cells was much more feature rich as well as better priced. Aspose.Cells was by far the better solution for our need. We greatly appreciate the wonderful product that Aspose provides and will always consider them first if a new need arises.

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Adrian Albrecht, Managing Partner, ADG Guru Development, South Africa

We recently purchased a Aspose.Cells and would like to thank you for a great product for Web reporting. It really performed well and saved us lots of time developing alternatives to Excel reporting.

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Ed James, MEC, United Kingdom*

Aspose has been a godsend!

I spent 2 months trying to find a viable solution for processing and creating Excel documents without using a desktop application. When I finally found Aspose, my problems were solved and I could get on with the development of my project.

Aspose.Cells works as smoothly as you could hope for any 3rd party tool, and the performance and stability are also excellent. The functionality on offer is excellent too - anything you can do in Excel you can automate with Aspose!

The technical service Aspose offer is second to none! I have never had to wait more than 24 hours for a response, but usually receive a response within the hour. Outstanding, and very reassuring too!

Nothing short of first class!!

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Henrik Hansen, Elsam Engineering A/S, Denmark*

We are using Aspose.Cells to allow users to input data to other systems, using Excel. We use it to rip cells and columns from the user owned Excel files, which matches certain format criteria. Aspose.Cells is very efficient. No other product could match the performance of Aspose.Cells, and the compatibility with the Excel file format.

Thank you ASPOSE!

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Alan Churchill, Savian, USA*

Reading from an OleDB datasource (SAS) and using Aspose.Cells, I was able to write formatted sheets in under a millisecond apiece. Since I had almost 10,000 sheets to create (don't ask), this was a godsend.

Plus they are fast as hell on responding. Kudos on a great product and a great company.

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* Used Aspose.Cells with its previous name.

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