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purchase FAQs

This section presents some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers regarding purchasing.

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Payment Details

What is Aspose's IBAN number? - a description of IBAN, why Aspose does not have one and how to send payment via wire.

What is PO and PO number? - brief information about what a PO is and how to create it.

How do I..?

We have collated a number of how to articles on how to use our purchasing system and licenses.

  • Generate a quote - list of steps detailing how to generate a pricing quote.
  • Place an order - list of steps showing how to place an online order.
  • Cancel an order - list of steps showing how to cancel an online order.
  • Download a license - information on how to download your license after purchase.
  • Use a license - information showing how to use your license file after download.
  • Fix a license class conflict - code example to showing how to fix the conflict with System.ComponentModel.License class.
  • Fix a CSP exception - fixes to exception "CryptoAPI cryptographic service provider (CSP) for this implementation could not be acquired."
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More Questions?

If you still have questions, please contact our sales team who are happy to help.