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Ventures Overview

In August, 2012, Aspose announced their involvement in a number of other ventures. In the years since it was founded, Aspose has harnessed file format expertise into tools that help software developers work faster and smarter. Aspose APIs are used by companies across the globe to manage, manipulate and convert documents. Aspose's product portfolio includes products for working with Microsoft Office files, images, email, OCR and much more on platforms from .NET, Java and SharePoint, to SQL Server Reporting Services and JasperReports. Aspose uses its own solutions and it is this habit that has given rise to the new ventures.

The new ventures are born from internal projects and solutions. Aspose develops tools to support its own teams and processes and some of these tools quickly prove to have a wide appeal. What saves Aspose's developers time and helps our teams communicate effectively, can do the same for other teams in other companies. When a tool proves to have a commercial value, Aspose starts a new team to build a new venture. Natural growth allows Aspose to direct and support new ventures without losing sight of their main goal: supporting Aspose's own customers.


Banckle creates easy to use collaborative and social apps to increase business productivity and sales. Banckle apps include Live Chat, Meeting, Email, CRM, Email Campaign and soon Helpdesk. Regular visitors to will be familiar with Banckle Live Chat, the application that connects visitors to Aspose's developers and sales team. As well as apps, Banckle offers APIs that allow companies to integrate app features directly into their own solutions.


GroupDocs offers a range of document collaboration APIs for .NET, Java and Cloud that enable end users to seamlessly view, annotate, e-sign, compare, convert, assemble and share documents from within your own app or website. Supported document formats include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project and Visio, as well as Adobe Acrobat PDF, AutoCAD drawings, TIFF and many more.

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