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From here, you can download our corporate logo, product logos, and branding guidelines. Links to our product brochures, awards page and what our customers say about us can also be found here.

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What Our Customers Say

We work closely with our users to make sure that they get the best out of the products they buy. Below are some of the case studies and testimonies we've received.

Case Studies

Aspose's customers find that using Aspose products speeds up their development process and saves them time and money. Below are a selection of case studies:

  • RedGate – Red Gate needed a simple solution for sharing management reports in a portable format with internal and external advisers. Converting spreadsheets and presentations to PDF was taking up valuable time. To streamline the process, Red Gate implemented Aspose.Total for SharePoint, giving all their users the ability to convert Microsoft Office documents to PDF with the click of a button. Red Gate chose Aspose.Total because it was easy to use, worked from the start and had better licensing options than the alternatives.
  • Ipsos – Ipsos is a global market research company that sets high standards for its own research and conduct. They help their clients gain insight and intelligence from the research they do. The company's slogan, ‘Nobody's unpredictable', is supported by an approach that helps Ipsos' clients understand their customers and markets in a changing world. This case study explains why Ipsos uses Aspose.Total in their business and what benefits they have derived from it.
  • Lulu – Lulu helps authors, publishers, businesses, and educators publish and sell print on demand books and ebooks. Their DOC to PDF conversion system used Microsoft Word Automation which was unreliable and difficult to scale. After trying several products, Lulu decided to use Aspose.Words for .NET in their new platform. Aspose.Words takes Microsoft Word documents and changes them into PDF files that can be printed by any of Lulu's printing partners. Aspose.Words gave Lulu the stability they needed and offered a number of future uses too.

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Customer Quotes

Below is a selection of customer testimonials.

Michael Sevast, Ipsos, USA

We have used the Apose.Total for .NET components, for several years now. These tools greatly simplify our ability to interact with and export to known Microsoft formats. The speed of these components saves us considerable time over custom in-house solutions.

The APIs are straightforward, with easy to understand examples, allowing us to enhance our products. The few times where we have needed to reach out for technical support, the response times have been quick and the resolutions addressed our specific needs.

I read the monthly newsletters frequently, looking for new ideas and the latest news on your product development. Keep up the great work!

Ingo Bleile, axnovia, Germany

When looking for Microsoft Excel alternatives to programmatically create and modify Excel spreadsheets in a web application on a server, we quickly found the two leading commercial products on the market. Within five minutes - including installation and embedding into our ASP.NET project - we could open an Excel template file, insert test data and pictures, and save it to Excel with either product. After trying to save the result as PDF, we found that this to us crucial task was only possible with Aspose.Cells.

Joshua Coad, Analytical Services, Inc

Aspose has provided our company with a terrific way to generate Word documents in an efficient and timely manner.

Our development team was having trouble creating Word documents in a reasonable time frame using Office automation. We came across Aspose.Words and decided to give it a try. What we found was a product that not only decreased our development time but also increased the usability of the applications we develop. The Word files generated by our application are not only created faster, they are more like what our customer's want. We owe this all to Aspose and the Aspose.Words component.

We are so impressed with Aspose.Words that we are in the process of purchasing Aspose.Total to use with all of our applications that involve automating Office applications. Aspose's line of components are a must-have for any company wanting to produce top-quality Office documents on-the-fly!

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Industry Awards

Over the years, Aspose has collected a number of industry awards, including ComponentSource TOP 5 Best Selling Publisher and SD Times 100. See all industry awards