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NFR Licenses for Reviewers

If you are a book author, blogger or a member of a media company who needs to review a Aspose product before referencing it in your book, blog or other published material, you may be able to get a free NFR (Not for Resale) license. Aspose offers NFR licenses to acknowledge your efforts and help you review our products without evaluation limitations.

Offer Details

Aspose will be glad to provide free NFR licenses for any of our development products to authors, bloggers, journalists or other writers who have a significant reach.

Product Details

This offer is good for any product or product suite offered by Aspose. We offer a wide assortment of powerful, easy-to-use components which allow .NET and Reporting Services developers to create, manipulate, convert and save many popular file formats. Aside from file manipulation components, we also offers a host of other components for charting, spell checking, emailing, ad hoc query generation, and much more. Full details of our products can found on the Aspose Products Page.

Contact Method

To request an NFR license, post a request in Aspose.Purchase forum, listing the products and platforms you would like licenses for. Include links to your previously written books or blog pages, other other published materials.


Aspose uses submitted links to your blog or book pages to verify that you are a writer with some reach. Remember to include links we can use to verify your output when posting your request.


If you have any questions about this program that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us in the Aspose.Purchase forum. We are always glad to help.